How to hire Offshore Blockchain Development Team?

How to hire Offshore Blockchain Development Team

Blockchain technology has been booming day in and day out across the globe! It’s a hot potato featuring bitcoins and cryptocurrencies that must be leveraged right away. It has been valued at $3.67 billion in 2020 and is expected to increase by 82.4% in 2028. Now what exactly is this fuss about, well technically it is a decentralised digital ledger that stores and manages a plethora of transactions on computing devices. In other words, blockchain acts as bliss for those to carry out online transactions.

So here’s the big question, is blockchain limited to the application of crypto-currency development? Of course not! However, to make the most of the technology you need to get in touch with an offshore blockchain development company that has a reputation for excelling in implementing such technicalities over years. Why must one hire a team of offshore developers you may ask?

  • Less Fraudulent activities
  • Enhanced data security
  • Streamlined procedures and processes
  • Reduce costs

Fret not, the following post can guide you in choosing a reliable and reputable blockchain development company or a sure-shot guide on how to hire a team of offshore developers but before that, I am sure you must be wondering why offshore and not otherwise?

Why offshore Development Centre?

Whether to choose onshore tech partners or offshore depends on your needs and priorities. At least, we are fortunate enough that we can never run out of options even when the whole world is hidden. The IT sector was found working day and night to maintain the global economy. You see most of the US-based or UK-based companies were found outsourcing specific development related tasks to several IT companies located in India, the Philippines, Vietnam and so on. And not just that, offshore software development can be pretty beneficial in numerous ways.

  • Cost-effective – Have you checked the offshore development rates offered by some reputable companies in India, if not then you should. Low-operational costs have been one of the core reasons for the heap of offshore software development services. You see every country has different taxes and some of them have the cost of living is significantly lower than in Western countries.
  • Key competencies – Although, there are companies who tend to hire in-house developers but again what are the odds? You have to take care of everyone, handle their issues, take stress whether they would be able to make it in time or not, provide sickness leaves, festival leaves and whatnot. Whereas when you hire a team of offshore developers to handle your blockchain project you can just focus on your competencies and let the offshore development teams do their job. Yes, you don’t have to worry about how things will be managed, will they make it in time or not.
  • Quality work and Saves time – To compete in this fast-paced world is not easy, one cannot afford to be left behind. When hiring an offshore development company, it means you are hiring an external team to work on your behalf so that you can focus on your core competencies and are not left behind. In fact, offshore development can speed up the process and assist you well by reducing the time to market. One of the major reasons is the reason time zone difference, With offshore software development, the project will be delivered on time with continual improvement and flexible responses.

How to Hire an Offshore Blockchain Development Company?

#1 Understanding of basic programming concepts

          One of the obvious aspects that you must take into consideration when looking for a blockchain development company, irrespective of whether it is onshore or offshore is understanding their basic programming concepts. By knowing this you will be able to judge how strong their foundation is. Of course, you may end up choosing less experienced blockchain developers but they should at least have a basic understanding of how everything works, how to write the code, etc. See whether they are well-acquainted with platforms like Ethereum and Bitcoin.    

#2 Encryption and security

Apart from basic programming aspects comes encryption and security. We are talking about blockchain here, a technology used to manage numerous financial transactions digitally, of course, it is not supposed to be taken lightly. Especially in today’s times where cybercrimes or security breaches and attacks won’t be slowing down. Also, one must always get this straight, cryptography and security are something that always goes hand-in-hand. So make sure to hire a team of offshore developers who understand the security measures as well as carry some experience in dealing with encryption and security concepts such as Secure Hashing Algorithms such as SHA-2  or SHA-1, encryption and decryption, and the public and private cryptographic keys.

#3 Experience & Portfolio’s

Of course, knowledge is a mandatory aspect but one shouldn’t ignore experience or reviewing portfolios. You see, one of the benefits of choosing an offshore development company is that you do get experienced programmers on board at a reasonable price. Yes, so stop looking for amateurs overseas and seek out those who already know the drill. After all, when the power of knowledge surrenders, experience takes over. Choose a company, go through their portfolio and see whether they have worked on a similar project or not. This will show you how able these people are and what their limits are. Also, ask what else can they offer? How do they surpass their benchmarks?

         #4 Interview  

Once you have shortlisted all the potential companies, it’s time to interview them one by one. See you will find lots and lots of programmers who are knowledgeable enough and who have eaten all the books available on Blockchain development but choosing them straight away is not always the right decision to make. You need to know that there are excellent programmers featuring extraordinary skills who are willing to reach new heights. So whenever you interview a Blockchain developer, certain things must be pondered.

  • Do you know what a blockchain is?
  • How many types are you familiar with?
  • Can you explain working in layman’s language?
  • Have you heard about Cryptography?
  • How can you use the Merkle tree?
  • Do you know about consensus algorithms? Can you explain how it works?

         #5 Post-development support

Last but certainly not least is the post-development support. Whomsoever does this concerns, whether you choose an in-house development or offshore development company just ensure that they are willing to offer after-services. Support and maintenance are equally important just like the development and the testing phase. Also, planning the maintenance phase means you no longer will have to bear the headache of it or pay money for it.  


So this is how you are supposed to hire the best team of blockchain developers overseas. I hope you find the following post meaningful and to the point. In case, if you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

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