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wwwDadeschool Net Guide

Accessing the wwwdadeschool net website can be troublesome for first timers. Many are not able to understand the website and the account creation process on wwwdadeschool net login when they visit it for the first timers. If you’re also looking for a simplified account creation process on this website, then we have brought this article for your assistance only.

Opening up wwwdadeschool net login

Before going on to login or account creation process, you first need to visit the right website. Just type www3.dadeschools.net in the URL search bar of your browser and the official website of Miami-Dade county public schools will open up.

The next sections in this article briefly describe how you can login to student account/ create a parents or community account on wwwdadeschool net.

Student and Parent portal access procedure

  • Creating a password to access Students portal
  • This instruction is for those who have never had any kind of access to their account. If you ever have accessed your Student account, then please contact the attendance office of Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior high school (MKHS) for your password reset.
  • To access the student’s portal through wwwdadeschool net, click on the “Students” link.
  • Click on the option ‘Login to Portal’.
  • Carefully read the instructions written under ‘What you need to know before logging in’ and follow them to the point.
  • Now, click on ‘Login to Student’ portal. Before logging in, keep the following details ready as you’ll be needing them for the login.
  • Your student ID.
  • The birth month and year of Student (i.e. MMYYYY).
  • Creating an account as a Parent
  • If you want to create a Parent’s account in wwwdadeschool net, then the steps are pretty easy.
  • Enter www3.dadeschools.net in the URL tab of your browser.
  • You’ll enter the official website of Miami Date county public schools. Here on the topmost bar of blue color you’ll see several options like ‘Home’, ‘Directories’, ‘Schools’ etc.
  • Here, go to the last option ‘Portal’ and click on it.
  • The login page of Miami Dade schools will open up before you.
  • On this page, scroll down and just below the login button, you’ll see a link for ‘Create an Account’.
  • Click on this link and the next page will ask you what type of account you want to create out of Parent or Community.
  • Select ‘Parent’ and then mark ‘I Agree’ on M-DCPS Acceptable use policy.
  • Click on Next.
  • Enter your basic details and then finally click on Register.
  • Creating an account for Community
  • If you want to create an account for community then the steps are same as in the case of “Parent’ account.
  • When you’ll click on ‘Create New Account’, select ‘Community’ option.
  • The Community Account Portal Registration System page will open up. Here, enter your basic details such as full name and e-mail and then click on ‘Register’.
  • Retrieving the Password/ Password change on wwwdadeschool net

If you forgot your password of DADESCHOOLS.NET

If you forgot your password of DADESCHOOLS.NET and you want to change your password on www3.dadeschools.net then follow the steps we are mentioning below.

  • Open the website www3.dadeschools.net on your internet browser.
  • Now, select the Portal option from the topmost bar.
  • Here, go to Create an account option which is displayed right below the Login option.
  • When you click on this, you’ll see a bar having ‘Create Account’ and ‘Password’ written side by side.
  • Click on ‘Password’.
  • A page containing option as ‘Students’, Parents’, ‘Employees’, ‘Community’ and ‘Adults’
  • For proceeding further, you’ll need to have the following depending upon your category:
  • For students: Your Dadeschools Students ID.
  • For Parents: Your User ID/ Username or Email Address.
  • For employees: Your DADESCHOOLS.NET employee number.
  • For community: Your User ID/ Username or Email Address.
  • For adults: You need to enter your ‘User ID’ or ‘Email’ and then the captcha provided below.

What is Miami Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS)

Miami Dade County Public Schools is a network of public schools functional in Miami Dade county. Miami Dade is located in southeastern part of Florida state of United States.

www3.dadeschools.net is a common platform or website of all the public schools of this county. This website provides info about all the schools and the school nearby to you in this county.

 In the website’s portal you can have your own account for getting the latest updates and connecting to the public school of your choice.


This article mentions several steps involved in the account creation on the website of Miami Dade County Public Schools. The other section of the article also mentions how you can change your account’s password if you’ve forgotten it. It also contains the details you’ll be requiring in order to get yourself authorized as the owner of the account you are looking for.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. For more such informative articles and updates, keep following us.

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