Real-World Applications of Rollups in Blockchain

Rollups in Blockchain

Rollups combines transactions executed off-chain into a single transaction and posts it to the base layer. Because of the present blockchain ecosystem’s congestion, especially on networks like Ethereum, they are essential. Rollups increase the network’s transaction throughput and lower transaction costs, making them an effective solution for scalability issues.

Understanding Rollups in blockchain

Blockspace is something because of what all these scalability solutions emerged. Because, each block can only contain a limited amount of transactions. For instance, each Ethereum block is limited to 30M gas, while the typical transaction costs 21k gas. So you can assume not many transactions can be processed in one block. Consequently, for their transactions to be included in blocks, transactors must compete. Blockchains have always used gas bidding to select which transactions to fit in a block.

Users could be compelled to participate in excessive gas bidding to have their transactions included in the network’s restricted block space if the volume of transactions surpasses the blockchain’s capacity to execute, finalize, and store them. Moreover, a complete stack known as Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) enables web3 corporations and dApp projects to create, implement, and manage their production-grade, customized Rollup chains and AppRollups (application-specific Rollups) in a less complicated and troublesome manner.

These rollups execute transactions off-chain, batch them together and send the proof to the main chain. Plus, you have the flexibility to have your own token, customize a few things. Though transactions are processed by L2 sequencers, they are finalized by the L1 validator only. Hence, the security is maximum. And this makes rollups suitable for application specific use cases, high value defi transactions, with less costs than the L1.

Real-World Applications

Decentralized Finance (DeFi):

For DeFi Projects like insurance, banking, TradeFi, decentralized exchange (DEX), payment applications, cross-chain bridges, and much more, rollup infrastructure is a great match. Let’s examine the advantages Rollups provides to DeFi in greater detail:

Increased throughput, unparalleled speed, and reduced transaction costs: Rollup architecture processes every transaction on an L2 chain, resulting in notable network throughput increases. For all DeFi initiatives, blockchain Rollups says this can provide up to 10-100x improved scalability. DeFi systems can meet TradFi criteria while minimizing transaction costs because of this incredible transaction speed. Because there is no need to validate transactions from other projects, Rollup networks have far lower transaction costs than Layer-1 networks.

Increased security: Rollup infrastructure may use the main chain’s security because it is built on top of foundational blockchains like Ethereum. Additionally, it can use its cryptographic methods, such as Zk-proof, to ensure that risks like fund theft and unauthorized ledger access don’t exist. Complete privacy with anti-censorship functionalities: DeFi institutions must project public data, corporate strategy, and—most importantly—data tied to wealth; thus, privacy is essential. In light of this, Rollups uses a unique method to group the transactions and carry them out on the Layer-2 Rollup chain. Then, without disclosing its details, the valid evidence for these transactions is sent to the main chain.

Prevent Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) exploitation: By initiating a Rollup, a DeFi network gains complete control over the architecture of its memory pool. This gives the network administrator the ability to either internalize or remove MEV, therefore reducing the possibility of MEV exploitation. Using a fair ordering strategy to guarantee predictability and fairness in the transaction ranking is a workable solution.

Web3 Gaming

Web3 has seen a significant influx of gaming-related initiatives; they include sci-fi games, fantasy sports games, GameFi platforms, and play-to-earn games. White gaming initiatives are quite popular; nevertheless, when player counts rise, they may have difficulties with infrastructure scaling, end-to-end security, transaction costs, and other issues. These popular web-3 games may take advantage of Rollups’ architecture to eliminate any current and future problems by using the following benefits:

Broad Scalability: Rollup is an ideal choice for scalable web3 gaming apps since its game dApps are renowned for providing extensive scalability even in the face of heavy network demand. Using Immutable X as a real-world example, Polygon zkVM-powered zkVM Rollup chains can handle up to 9,000 transactions per second (TPS). Consequently, gaming initiatives can accommodate millions of daily log-in users. If user volume increases, you can introduce many Rollups for your game that can function together to scale to the following billion people without any issues.

Gasless Transactions: Rollups enable gaming projects to offer gasless transactions, allowing players to interact with the blockchain without purchasing Ethereum or other tokens. This feature enhances user participation and lowers the initial barriers to entry for blockchain-based games.

Empowering Players: With Rollup infrastructure, gaming dApps can enable players to contribute to the ecosystem’s growth without encountering traffic-related constraints. Users can easily mint new collections of NFTs and in-game assets, create their digital marketplaces to trade NFT-based items, and engage with other in-game marketplaces.

NFTs and Virtual Worlds

Several well-known companies, like Nike, Disney, Hyundai, and Meta, have developed an NFT-based virtual environment that lets consumers explore their products and services in a digitally realistic manner. These NFT and virtual world initiatives can make use of the following advantages by using Rollup infrastructure to grow massively:

Ease of scaling: Because NFT and virtual worlds provide consumers a novel and thrilling experience, these projects frequently witness fast increases in the number of users. The network may become slower, and its transaction charge may rise due to this sudden user surge. NFT projects can achieve industry-leading throughput and limitless scaling using OP or zkRollup, which enables transactions to be processed quickly on an independent chain.

Supply Chain

Supply chain firms may alter their whole operations with the following significant benefits by integrating zkEVM or Optimistic Rollup into their current infrastructure:

Workflow environment that can be customized: Rollup architecture enables supply chain solutions to use smart contract programming to customize their supply chain workflow completely. A “unique tracking system,” for instance, may be integrated to provide supply chain firms with more insight at every stage by mapping the complete supply chain trip on a dashboard.

Ability to specify permissions at the network level: The supply chain is a vulnerable sector to fraud, hacking, and counterfeiting. A supply chain solution may establish precise network-level permissions using blockchain Rollups, specifying who can participate in the ecosystem, carry out transactions, and validate transactions on behalf of others. 

Sensitive supply chain data protection: Supply chain organizations can store records on the main chain and secure trade secrets and sensitive data with ZK-rollup infrastructure. This is true because ZK-Rollups employ sophisticated cryptography known as zero-knowledge proof, which upholds privacy while guaranteeing accountability and transparency throughout the ecosystem.


Blockchain technology is revolutionized by rollups, which provide workable answers to scalability and cost challenges that have impeded the mainstream use of blockchain applications. As blockchain technology continues to evolve and expand into various industries, the real-world applications of rollups will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized systems.

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