Manapaisa: Earn Passive Income By Doing Simple Tasks


If you work a nine to five job then you know the everyday struggle of making money. Most of us only earn enough to live a normal life with no extra expenditure and these jobs do not leave us with time to focus on other things.

What if I told you that you can now earn passive income by doing simple tasks at any time from anywhere using a website called “manapaisa”. In this blog, we will be discovering about this amazing website and seeing how you can earn extra money for yourself with zero to no effort.

Overview of Manapaisa

Manapaisa is a fusion of “Mana” which means “our” and paisa means “money”. It is an online platform through which you can earn money by doing tasks, filling out survey forms, writing reviews, etc. You are not bound to any agreement therefore it is on your own will whether you want to work or not.

The website provides a way to earn quick cash for those people who are unable to leave their office based jobs but want to gain more money by utilizing their free time. It also offers sustenance for students who are not yet eligible for office work. All you need is a device with a good and reliable internet connection such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer system.

The best part is that you can choose the tasks according to your liking. Unlike other platforms where you don’t have options, in manapaisa you get a list of tasks from different categories to choose from. You can watch videos, test applications, leave reviews, or take part in online competitions.

How Does “Manapaisa” Work?

Now, you might be wondering how “manapaisa” earns money and whether it is legal or not. There are several ways through which the website works. One of which is “Advertising Revenue” where they earn money by showing advertisements of brands and companies while you do tasks or fill out surveys.

Another way is through “Affiliate Marketing”. In some of the tasks you will be asked to download an app or sign up for a service and when you complete these tasks both you and the website will earn money. The website will also get a commission from the brand or company if a certain number of users sign up or download the app.

Last but not least, there is “Data monetization”. When you fill out a survey the website the do analyzes the answers and collects data like behavior, demographics, interest, etc. Now this collected information will be sent out to third party marketers, advertisers, or researchers for further analysis or creating targeted adverts.

Steps to Use Manapaisa and Earn Passive Income

If you want to earn passive income using manapaisa then you have to do these simple steps and it will only take a few minutes.

Registration and Sign Up Process

  1. The first step is to register yourself on “manapaisa”. Open the official website using web browser on your device. Once you are on the website look for “Registration” or “Sign Up” button.
  2. Once you do that, you will have to enter your information like your name, email address, phone number, etc. (Make sure that your email address and phone number are working for verification purposes)
  3. On the next page, authenticate your identity by using the code received on the given Email ID or Ph. No.
  4. After successfully verifying your identity, you will now be able to set up your profile on manapaisa. Com. Here you will need to choose your username and password to safeguard your account.
  5. Also, in the profile set up menu, you will need to add a mode of payment in which you want to receive or redeem your prize money to.
  6. Once you do that, you are ready to do the tasks and start earning passive income.

How to Earn Passive Income and Redeem It

  1. Login to your profile using “manapaisa login” then enter your username and password.
  2. On the homepage, you will be able to find a number of tasks.
  3. Go through the list and find the tasks which you find either most interesting or rewarding. As there are a lot of tasks on the list, you can sort them out using “Filter” option.
  4. After finding the task you want to do, click on it to open it. Here you will the description of the task as well as the instructions you will need to follow.
  5. Depending upon the tasks, you will be asked to watch a video then leave a comment in “x” amount of words or fill out a survey form by offering your suggestion on a given product.
  6. Once you have successfully done the task, the website will show a prompt for it and reward you accordingly.
  7. You can also earn additional points by sharing the website with your friends and asking them to join the platform using the shared link. Once you do that you will earn a large amount of points.
  8. Now to redeem the points collected by doing the tasks, go to your profile menu and look for “Redeem” option.
  9. Here you will see that you need to have a certain amount of points to be able to convert it into real money. If you don’t have that amount then you will have to do more tasks and collect that certain amount.
  10. You can redeem the point in many ways such as directly into your bank account, gift card, or other form of payment.
  11. Select the mode and do the transfer. For PayPal or Bank Account, provide appropriate details.
  12. That’s It. You are now making money by doing tasks in your free time.

Note – If you are facing any issue or problem regarding the point transfer or task completion then you can contact the support helpline and ask them to look into the issue. The helpline number or customer care email ID is given at the bottom of the homepage or in the “About Us” section.


Being able to earn extra money by doing low effort tasks is the dream of every office worker. Now you can live your dream of doing that and earning passive income by using “manapaisa” website. It allows you to do tasks such as watching videos or completing survey forms and earning quick cash. To know more about it or how to use it then read the blog above.

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