JIO Message Center Number List 2023

jio message center number

Jio short message service center number

Jio has become one of the leading companies in the telecom world, with subscribers spread all over the country. These subscribers use the telecom services provided by Jio to communicate with each other and with the subscribers of other companies too. When communication goes on at this much large scale, it becomes really important to remove any communication hindrance that occurs. We’ll be talking about one such hindrance today and we’ll look at the methods of resolving it with the help of Jio message center number or Jio short message service center number.

Many customers often encounter a problem of their message not being sent. One of the reasons behind this could be an update in the Jio message center number of your state. If you are looking for the solutions of the same problem then you don’t need to worry much as it is very easy to resolve and this article will be fully helpful to you.

Jio SMS Service Center Numbers For Jio Users All States

Jio message Center numberPhone Number
Andhra Pradesh+919885005444
Himachal Pradesh+917010075009
Jammu and Kashmir+917010075009
Madhya Pradesh+917010075009
North East+917012075009
Uttar Pradesh west+917010075009
Uttar Pradesh east+917010075009
West Bengal+917010075009

What Is Jio Short Message Service Center Number/ Jio Message Center Number

Short message service center number is inside your phone. It is unique for every state and for every telecom company, like in this case it is Jio message center number. It assists in sending and receiving of short messages or simply SMS. When you send a message it first goes to SMSC and then it directs this message towards the destination.

The main purpose of the SMSC comes into picture when the recipient’s phone is switched off or is out of the network range. In this case, the SMSC stores the message and then directs it towards the recipient’s phone when it is available. The stored message has a certain expiry period and gets deleted after that period and then it cannot be sent to the receiver.

The list below provides the Jio message center number or Jio short message service center number of various states in India. Find the Jio message center of your state and update it in your phone if you’re too facing the issue of message not being sent from your phone.

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