Kibho Cryptocurrency: Platform That Tests Your Networking Skills 

Kibho Cryptocurrency

Crypto investors are always looking for new and better opportunities to invest in. This article brings an opportunity to such investors. In the era of digitalization, digital marketing is surely booming. Businesses are moving online and so is the currency. This advancement in the business sector also provides an aid to some methodologies such as MLM.  

The world of crypto is rapidly expanding and people are constantly looking for more and more opportunities to invest in it. Kibho cryptocurrency is one such addition to the names of these cryptocurrencies. In the sections that follow, we will introduce you to this cryptocurrency and will try to provide you with as much information about it as possible so that it helps you decide whether it’s a potential investing ground or not! 

Kibho: The Crypto Start-Up 

Kibho was started on May 28, 2020, by KM Venkatrao and Nirmala Kilaparthy. This project acquired a license from the Government of India and started operating under the name BMUU and Kibho Technologies Pvt Ltd. The head office of the company is located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.  

The crypto token of this platform is named Kibho coin and currently has a market value of INR 1621.58. This value of the crypto token is not static and keeps on changing from time to time depending on the market situation. In addition to the crypto token, this company offers other services too. These services include K Wallet and Exchange services.  

The main business of the company is run by its crypto token. It has been able to attract a lot of Indian investors and many of them have shown interest in joining the platform. The official website of the company attracts nearly 3 Million visitors per month. is also keen on developing products that help the younger generation and introduce them to the trends in the digital market and cryptocurrency. For this, they plan to launch platforms like Kids Talent, K Dish DTH, and K My Needz.  

Is the Company Legally Secure? 

Investing in something involves a lot of risk and fraud is the biggest of them. If you are investing in something illegal, then you surely cannot expect results. To avoid this, investors verify the details about the company they are investing in beforehand. has acquired its license from the Government of India and is a safe platform to invest in. If you still have any further queries regarding the legitimacy of this platform, then you can surely get details about the company from The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) India. 

What Kibho Offers To Its Consumers 

To earn profits on this platform, you must go through the process of account creation first or Kibho login on the official website of Once you have completed the process of account creation, you become a member of this platform and you may start investing and earn profits from it.  

Unlike other investing platforms, the process of account creation on this platform is not simple and involves some tricky steps. For this, you first have to go through the process of registration and register yourself with the company. During the registration process, you’ll be asked about many personal details as well as your identity. To create an account, you need to pay INR 500 to the platform.  

Once you are registered in the database of the company, you’ll have your own login credentials which will have a username and password. Try to set your password such that you remember it because the website of the company deducts one coin from your account every time you request a password reset. 

Now let’s move on to earning profits through this platform: 

  • Earning profits on this website is just like any other crypto website consisting of referrals and sign-up bonuses. 
  • If you refer the site to other people and more people join this site through your referral code, then you get the appropriate commission for this.  
  • Also, upon signing up on the platform you get 2 Crypto tokens for free. All these tokens can be converted into INR. 

It is important to pay attention here that the company does not easily give away the tokens and converting it to INR needs its share of time. Consumers have to hold their tokens in their accounts for a specified duration of time before they can convert those tokens into INR.  

The company also provides additional benefits to female consumers such as hikes in bonuses and others. So we can say here that female investors should visit this website once.  

Getting Rewards Through Your Networking Skills 

The model of this Company is designed to help those who have better connections and can help the company in its growth by adding more and more people to its consumer base. Here’s how referrals help you in getting more rewards: 

  • Every time someone joins through your referral code, a certain amount of commission is given to you. This commission is also dependent on your level. 
  • The number of people that you have added or those who have joined the platform through your referral code are your connections. As your connections increase, your level rises on the platform. 
  • With the rise in level, the rewards and the amount of commission you get for adding a new member also go up.  

All the commission is provided in the form of crypto tokens or Kibho coins that can be converted to INR only after holding them for a specific number of days.  

The rewards you can earn on this platform are huge and no other crypto platform offers such rewards. There are schemes on this platform that can help you win mobile phones, bikes, and cars.  


For investors who are better at networking, Kibho is a dream come true. A crypto investing platform that is built upon the MLM model offers its consumers the best rewards and profits across all platforms of its kind. The company is based in Vishakhapatnam and has already earned more than a million monthly visitors on its website. It has also acquired a license from the Government of India and is fully recognized by it. 

The attractive part of the platform is the awards and rewards which it offers to its customers. Referrals help a lot in growing on this platform and motivate you to better up your networking skills. Everything is offered in the form of crypto tokens, which are called Kibho coins and can later be converted into INR. It is to be noted that the owner of this site does not endorse any kind of investment in any manner and the choice of investing on any platform rests completely with the reader. For reading more informative articles about investment platforms, keep following our blog page. 

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