Is Cryptohuge real or fake? Know all about Cryptohuge and how to withdraw money from it?


Most of the people all over the internet who are interested in Crypto mining are keen to know about the Cryptohuge project. The authenticity of this also comes under question sometimes. In this article we will cover several aspects related to Cryptohuge like what is Cryptohuge project? Is it real or fake? How to withdraw money from Cryptohuge or what is cryptohuge moderation payment? If you’re looking to work in Cryptohuge or in fact you’re just someone looking to start Crypto mining then this article is a must read for you.

What is Cryptohuge? 

Cryptohuge is an online platform where you can rent a server for mining Cryptocurrency. The home page of the website claims that starting with Cyptohuge is pretty simple and easy. You just have to register yourself with the website. The process of the registration is free but you have to make a mandatory investment once you sign in.

The website offers you several plans for investment for renting servers in the format of server cost; profit; percentage profit. Once you register yourself with the website, it automatically credits $100 into your account which you can use to buy the servers. The website also offers an affiliate program where you get some bonus if someone joins through your link. The website doesn’t allow you to have multiple accounts on the same device or on the same email-ID as they cannot give the bonus multiple times. Also, the website also doesn’t allow you to use same account on several devices. There are many things offered by this website which puts it under the umbrella of suspicion and this moves us to our next question-

Is Cryptohuge real or Fake?

We have already mentioned what Cryptohuge is and what it offers you. But there are many things which users want to confirm before registering on this platform.

For the starting, users generally ask why they are getting $100 credit just for registering on the website. Well Cryptohuge answers this as they do this for winning the trust of the client. This will offer the client an opportunity for his first profit and he will gain an experience of the website.

Not only this, one more thing which puts the authenticity of Cryptohuge under question is that the plan with least investment offers the most profit percentage. The plan with an investment of $100 offers you a profit percentage of 2% which surely no other plan does.

The website also doesn’t provide you any contact details other than a single mail-ID. Most of the people have a delusion that Cryptohuge is free but it’s actually not. You will have to deposit money in your account for further usage once the sign up bonus runs out.

Out of all this, the thing which attracts the attention of users most is the returns which are being promised. The returns are pretty unrealistic and its hard to believe on them at first sight.

To get out of all this, we generally move on to the reviews. They also do not offer a clear picture as you’ll find them to be mixed on Q&A sites such as Quora. On these sites most people claim to have earned through this website. The reviews are not pretty much descriptive and some of them are even just one liner, saying that the project is just great, amazing or fantastic. There are even people who claim to earn 2000-3000$ monthly through Cryptohuge.

There are also proofs that Cryptohuge was originally registered in Russia in 2017. The registrant’s name is hidden but the home page of the website suggests that it is written by someone whose first language is not English. The location for other domain names such as .best and .bid were told to be California, USA but some people believe its origin to be Belarus. There is also a Facebook page mentioned on the official website which has 6000 likes. The location of the admin of this page is provided to be Belarus.

One other suspicious thing about Cryptohuge is that the domain name of this website keeps on changing. Until now, Cryptohuge has used almost 14 different domain names. If we round up all our discussion in some simple words then they’ll be – it looks too good to be true.

As some users have used Cryptohuge and they look for how to withdraw money from Cryptohuge? As per the official website of Cryptohuge, withdrawing money from the platform involves a simple process. We will discuss more about it in our next subheading;

How to withdraw money from Cryptohuge?

You’ve earned your profit through server rental but now you want to withdraw that profit. According to the official website of Cryptohuge, for withdrawing money you’ll have to go to the tab named “Withdrawal”, enter the desired amount there and request for the payment. The company has set up $1000 as minimum withdrawal amount.

What is Cryptohuge moderation payment?

When you request to withdraw your money in Cryptohuge, the policy says that ‘all payments are moderated manually about a month’. What does this line actually mean?

Cryptohuge moderation payment is actually a term given to a process where the money you’re trying to withdraw is manually monitored and verified. After the completion of this process money is finally sent into your account.


This article was about cloud mining website Cryptohuge regarding which a large section of people interested in the Crypto world have questions. We tried to answer few but crucial of those questions in this article. This article will provide you a helpful read if you’re stepping into the world of Crypto mining and will also prove to be beneficial for you if you’re looking for information regarding Cryptohuge.

In this article we have covered questions ranging from what is cryptohuge, is it fake or real to how to withdraw money from cryptohuge and what is cryptohuge moderation payment. We hope that this article will be helpful for you. Keep following for more updates!

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