6 Reasons Why Canadians are Attracted to Ethereum Casinos


Over the last few years, ethereum has continued to gain consistent prominence. Despite all the drop in value encountered by different cryptocurrencies in the digital market, ETH continues to show positive prospects.

Moreover, Influential figures such as Elon Musk have positively affected the value and popularity of Ethereum. However, casinos offering Ethereum as a transaction option have stayed at the top of gambling platforms in Canada.

Research and records confirm that the market value of ETH is around 243 billion CAD. Due to this high market cap, the Ethereum casinos in Canada are the most talked-about gambling industry in the country. If you wonder why these casinos have so much hype, we will provide you with six reasons for that.

6 Reasons why Canadians are Attracted To Ethereum Gambling Sites

Indeed, Ethereum casinos are now the hottest technology in the gambling industry for Canadians. The reason why many Gamblers prefer to choose an ethereum casino or switch to it from the conventional casinos is many. 

However, according to this article, there are six top reasons why many Canadians prefer the ethereum casinos to the regular gambling platforms. Let’s now discuss them below:

1. Amazing Casino Games

ETH gambling platforms offer their customers the opportunity to enjoy numerous games. They do not limit their games to only the new ones; they also provide gamblers with classics such as the three-reel slots. 

Furthermore, the games help to retain the house advantage, so check the one that has the slightest edge before selecting.

For example, if you want to play baccarat, you should back the banker when playing because the casino has a minor advantage than if you choose to support the player. Some significant games of ethereum casino are poker, slots, and many more. Let’s now discuss some of these exciting games.

  • Poker

ETH gambling websites bring back the feel of a real casino. In addition, its poker features allow gamblers to compete against other players from different provinces in Canada. Below are some of the most common versions of poker in Canada.

  • Five-card draw

Most Europeans have loved playing these games for many years, and they have expanded their popularity to other parts of the world, including Canada. 

The gameplay is simple, and it offers an incredible opportunity to make a lot of profit.

To win Ethereum with a five-card draw, you need to stake a wager and expect your five-card at hand to match your bet.

  • Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is one of the many good poker games that have been why Canadians gamble on the ETH website.

Like the five-card draw, the gameplay is straightforward, but you will receive two cards here. 

Therefore, you will try other players’ hands using five extra general cards. Furthermore, you have won the game when you have a better five-card hand than your opponent. Finally, for more fun, players can try out the no-limits version.

There are other casino games Canadians can play on the Ethereum gambling websites.

All these games are fun and profitable. Nevertheless, please verify that the casino you wish to select offers various games before settling for them.

2. Reputation

Reputation is a top reason people are attracted to a particular casino. Ethereum gambling sites have excellent and encouraging reputations in Canada.

Gamblers who have deposited on these websites have given testimonies that they do not withhold their winnings and pay quickly. Moreover, reviews and blogs reveal that the platforms are legitimate, and they allow you to access your assets at any time. This spotless record is solid proof of their trustworthiness.

3. Transactions

Another incredible benefit of using ETH to gamble is the quick transaction time. Although some shady websites claim they offer ethereum services – gamblers soon discover it’s false. However, We assure you that legit Ethereum gambling sites do not lag in transaction speed, and they always pay when you win.

Therefore, if your transactions do not happen within 5 minutes, you can be confident the casino is not suitable. Moreover, the best ethereum platforms allow you to gamble with some legal cryptos like BTC, DOGE, etc. Additionally, they offer the best transaction limits, especially for high stakers in Canada.

4. Bonus and Rewards 

Bonuses and rewards are significant attractions when we talk about ethereum casinos. Of course, it is usual for casinos to offer players mouth-watering bonuses and rewards. However, ethereum gambling platforms make sure their rewards are more interesting than the bonuses offered by conventional casinos. 

Moreover, ensure you properly read the terms and conditions to discover what you must do before you can qualify for these rewards. Some of the very best rewards you can find at ETH casinos are:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Unique bonuses for making transactions with ETH
  • VIP packages
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Reload bonuses

5. Flexibility, Features, and Designs 

If there is any reason why Canadians have enjoyed the ETH casinos so much, it is because they are flexible. You are not limited to many restrictions, and they provide an enormous range of options to keep the gambling fun alive.

These platforms’ updated features and designs attract the gamblers and strengthen their conviction to keep playing with Ethereum. Moreover, the games and transaction options have the best quality in different forms. These variations are why many have decided to pick ethereum gambling sites ahead of other staking platforms.

Furthermore, if the quality of the website is not up to standard, then it’s not a legit ETH gambling site. The ETH platforms do not offer outdated games or boring options, and they always provide quantity alongside quality. An example of this is the progressive jackpots offered by the ETH casinos to help gamblers hit big on their platforms.

6. Customer Service

Canadian gamblers love when their favourite casinos show that they value them. Ethereum casinos genuinely care about their customers, which has motivated many Canadian punters.

They always attend to the needs of their customers by providing answers to questions and resolving issues immediately. Therefore, customers of ETH casinos do not have to wait for a long time before their support can respond. 

They have several options for getting in contact with the customer support centre. These options may include phone calls, live videos, and live chat. Consequently, Canadian gamblers who choose the ETH casinos do not experience any long-term issues when using the platform.

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