What to Look for in a Crypto Poker Room

Look for in a Crypto Poker Room

Poker is an absolutely incredible game and it’s hard to imagine what the world would look like if it didn’t exist. It’s one of the most popular hobbies that people have and it’s an activity that can either be played for a lot of fun or even for a lot of money, hell, most of the time it’s for both if we’re being realistic. While it is amazing, there can sometimes be a few downsides and one of the bigger ones, especially for newer players, is how much effort you need to put in on occasion to find a good poker room. This hasn’t changed with crypto poker either so today we’ll be covering some tips that may help you.

What is crypto poker?

Before we get into looking for a room let’s quickly cover what crypto poker is for the uninitiated among us. While similar to online poker bitcoin can be used in crypto poker as a payment option. Of course, other cryptocurrencies can be used as well, and the game itself is still the same, but the benefits are certainly there.

The transactions go through far smoother and faster than if you had used a card, you don’t need to give private and credit card info just to make a deposit, and it can be played more easily in countries where poker is outlawed than traditional online casinos and a couple of smaller benefits. Overall it’s an improvement over the original system and boy are we glad it was created.

Take note of the skill level of players

One of the first things you should be taking a look at is how good the players are. You’ll ideally want to play with people who are around your level if you’re looking to improve your game while not losing too much in the process. Lower-skill rooms will generally not lead to much of a skill increase and may begin to empty fast when you go on a roll, while high-level rooms blow you out of the water leading to big losses and not much time to take in the knowledge.

You can also figure out a lot by seeing how many people see the flop. The more people see it the more passive the room is on average which is what you should be looking for most of the time that you’re playing. Another good thing to take note of is if there is someone who is making obvious mistakes that you can make money off of, such as calling instead of raising an open pot. If you’re looking for money rather than honing your skills these types of players should be your primary target in most situations.


While looking at the skill level of the players is the most important thing to do, it’s also nice to take a look at what bonuses you may get for playing there. Many rooms offer bonuses for playing for extended periods of time which can definitely help with increasing your bankroll and definitely shouldn’t be ignored. The difference in bankrolls between a player who utilizes bonuses to their fullest and one that doesn’t is oftentimes staggering so make sure that you’re using them smartly. 

Look for reputable places

If some place is bad for an extended period of time then word will generally get around quickly. It can be pretty easy to look up just how reputable where you wanna play is before you get started and possibly burned. Of course, it’s a bit harder to do this with online poker rooms than it is with casinos but it’s still a thing that you should keep in mind and look out for. If you wanna aim for long sessions then making sure the quality of the room and site is high is very important.

Check if the software is good

This goes hand in hand with the reputation of the place, but it’s more important to make sure that the site is using software that is not only stable but also user-friendly and has good quality-of-life features. There is nothing worse than joining a room, intending to play, and then realizing that they’re using some shovelware that is difficult to figure out and offers very few actually useful features. 

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