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About Condo Games

The online gaming platform known as Roblox is crammed to the gills with a huge variety of distinct minigames, each of which may be further sorted into one of several categories. One of these categories, in particular, that can be found on Roblox is the perfumed cons games, formerly known as Condo games.

This is a guide to Roblox condo games, sometimes referred to as Roblox scented con games. In it, we will discuss these games and why locating them may be so challenging. And why you should learn this information before engaging in these activities or allowing your child to do so.

The Roblox Condo games are intended for an adult audience, specific players over the age of 18 and, in some areas, over the age of 21. Nevertheless, Roblox has decided to formally prohibit them in the future to safeguard its active player base. After the prohibition, you may find it difficult to locate Roblox Condo games. In such cases, the following is a crucial guide for doing so.

On Roblox, what exactly is a “condo game”?

Condo games are designed to involve role-playing with other participants, simulated sexual encounters, and the presence of naked persons. As soon as Roblox moderators discover these games, they are promptly removed from the platform.

These condo games are also known as Roblox’s “dark side” because you never know who you are playing with. It could be an adult posing as a child or someone with malicious intentions trying to persuade children to chat with them privately. Because of this, you never know who you are playing with.

How do parents help their children locate condo games on Roblox?

The following are the three methods that are utilized to locate games in the Condo:

Roblox’s community is home to some fun condo games

Because Condo games are deleted as soon as a Roblox moderator picks them up, it can be extremely challenging to locate them within the Roblox community.

The developers of these games conceal their games using various other keywords, such as Combo, sents cons, plug walk, and so on. Players learn how to locate these games by discussing these keywords in Discord discussions or watching YouTube videos.

YouTube videos of condo games

They also discuss techniques to find and play Condo games on Roblox, and not only that but they sometimes video and publish these games on YouTube, such as the incidents reported by the media. Roblox players also give hints and strategies about playing games on YouTube.

Condo games In Discord

There are dozens of these servers that share and are made explicitly for sharing and creating Condo games, and you can check how many servers there are in this Discord search engine. Discord is a chat platform that was made for gamers, and it also allows you to create communities that are called servers.

Roblox: A Guide to Locating Available Condo Games

In the year 2022, one can locate condo games Roblox in a variety of different ways, and here is a list of those ways:

  • The search bar on the main page of the Roblox website may be used to locate Condo games by inputting the phrase “Condo” or “Condo games” without quotation marks. This is the quickest and easiest method. When you hit the enter button on your keyboard, the website will present you with a long list of adult games that may be played on Roblox.
  • You can also do this by entering “Sent Cons” without the quotation marks into the search box on the official Roblox website. This is the second method. Although the number of results returned by this approach is lower than those returned by the one that came before it, it is still one of the most efficient ways to locate Condo games on Roblox.
  • Once you’ve located the condo games Roblox servers on Discord, you’ll be able to retrieve a vast library of adult games.
  • If you haven’t already, create a new account on the Discord messaging platform.
  • Try entering “Roblox Condo” into the search field to see what comes up.
  • Join any of the Condo servers that are listed here.
  • Discover the link to your Roblox experience stored on the server.
  • To load the game into your browser or mobile app, click on it and select the Play option.

How can I prevent my child from playing dangerous activities on Roblox Condo?

Make sure you take the following precautions to prevent your child from having access to these kinds of games:

  • Roblox’s privacy settings can be changed by selecting the account settings, selecting the privacy tab, and then adjusting the contact settings.
  • You can report users who are bullying or harassing your child to the Roblox moderation team and block the user in question. You can do so if you find another user bullying or harassing your child in chat.
  • Viewing recently played games and looking at their chat history, friends, and followers is a great way to keep an eye on how your child is using their account.
  • By activating Account Restrictions, you can restrict the kind of games that can be played to only those on a pre-approved list that Roblox has checked.
  • Enable parent PIN: by activating this option, you can prevent unauthorized changes to your account email, password, and privacy settings.

Is It Necessary For Me To Download Something To Play?

Downloading a virtual private network (VPN) that prevents your Internet protocol address from being logged by Roblox can keep your account safe from harm and is generally a good idea. However, doing so is not required.

How Do I Find the Discord Server?

To participate in the condo games, you must have a discord account. My friend and I have set up a Discord server and successfully constructed a condo community with it. All of the links are operational. Scroll down the page, and you will see a button that, when clicked, will take you to the desired location.

How To Buy The Admin Gamepass?

After that, you can purchase them by joining our Discord Server and inquiring with c00lkidd to receive the game pass links. Prices:

  • Moderator: 150 Robux
  • Super Admin – 350 robux;
  • 700 Robux are given to the owner and admin.
  • Serverside Admin – 1000 Robux;

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Is It Safe to Participate In These Games?

It is safe to play condo games, and you won’t need a second character to do so. On the other hand, if you’re feeling uneasy about things, I recommend creating an alt.

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