Technology That Powers Live Casino

Technology That Powers Live Casino

Ever wanted to know how a live casino online operates? Perhaps you want to play a live casino game but need to know how it all works, or you’re just curious.

A live casino is a type of online gambling that allows you to make bets while experiencing the game exactly as you would if you were playing in a physical casino.

You see, technological advances like video streaming services and the growing popularity of high-speed internet connections have made it so that online casinos can now give players the same experience they’re used to in a land-based casino. Surprisingly, players can anticipate a payment similar to that of brick-and-mortar.

Reputable live casino providers host games from leading software developers like Yggdrasil, QuickSpin, Play’n GO, NetEnt, or Evolution Gaming. But the thrilling aspect of live casinos is that they are   managed in real-time by human dealers, which means people can watch the game outcome in real-time.

How Live Dealer Casino Works

Users take part in the game and can see other players and what’s going on through a console on their computer screen.

The optical character recognition (OCR) technology converts each dealer’s actions into data. Players receive this information, producing a real-world experience comparable to a brick-and-mortar game session. Players can use the live chat tool to ask questions.

How Live Casino Games are Setup

Online gaming companies usually put a lot of money into both people and technology to make live casinos work. For instance, they hire croupiers, a cameraman, a pit boss, and an IT manager.

So, the following are the main elements of a live casino:


Cameras are an important part of both the hardware and software of a live casino. The dealers’ and players’ eyes see one another while playing a game in front of cameras.

Smaller but more powerful cameras are used in casinos to record and live-stream every second of a game.

Smaller but more powerful cameras are used in casinos to record and live-stream every second of a game. One provides a bird’s-eye view of the table, another concentrates on live-streaming views of the table and the wheel, and the third camera produces a picture-in-picture display.

The Gaming Console

The Game Control Unit (GCU) serves as the live casino’s central nervous system. Live streaming of casino games would not be possible without it.

A shoebox-sized device called a GCU, installed on every table in a live casino studio, is in charge of encoding the video data broadcast during a live game. They ensure gamers have a seamless, brick-and-mortar-like experience between the GCU and the dealer.


Table games work best in a live casino right now. Since a live casino tries to feel like a real casino, the studio usually has wheels.

In a traditional casino, players and dealers check the results by hand, but these wheels have sensors that send you the information automatically.

Live Dealers

Dealers must ensure that live casino gambling is as close as possible to gambling in a real casino. Live casinos like Evolution Gaming make sure their pit bosses are well-trained, just like land-based casinos train their dealers to be knowledgeable and professional when running games.

Live casinos keep track of their dealers’ every move with smart cards to hold them accountable.


Imagine the monitor as your computer or other gaming equipment, except that it is on the dealer’s side in this instance. The monitor aids the dealer in managing and monitoring player wagers.

The dealer can see how many people are online, ask people to play, and quickly kick out people who don’t follow the rules set by the monitor.

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