Nordic crypto casino industry impresses – What can we learn from it?

Nordic crypto casino industry

Crypto casinos have exploded in popularity worldwide in the past couple of years. There are lots of differences between how different countries relate to crypto casinos, you need to learn Perks Of Using Crypto for Online Casino. Some countries have canceled crypto casinos totally, and some require them to have a specific license to operate in their own country. There is no right or wrong way, but which countries are doing the best job with crypto casinos?

Many think that Nordic countries have been doing a nearly perfect job when it comes to handling the whole crypto casino industry. Some might say that it is a bit weird that the Nordics are doing so well since they have the most regulated and strict markets. How did the Nordics handle the crypto casino industry situation? What makes their way to work so impressive? Or what can other countries learn from the Nordic countries’ way of handling the crypto casinos?

Legality and restrictions

Most Nordic countries have restricted crypto casinos from working in their countries. For example, Norway has made it forbidden to play in crypto casinos. Then there is Sweden, where it is legal to play with crypto casinos, but they must have a Swedish gaming license. Then there is Finland, where consumers can play with crypto casinos, but consumers always have to pay taxes on their winnings. According to Finnish casino experts from, these regulations have not reduced players’ interest in crypto casinos. Because of these regulations, consumers question crypto casinos more, but consumers still have a massive interest in them. Maybe canceling all crypto casinos is not the right way, but other countries could try to copy how Finland and Sweden handled the situation.

Specific crypto bonuses

Denmark and Finland have been some of the first countries to introduce specific bonuses available only when depositing with cryptos. These bonuses are similar to traditional casino bonuses but are only available for crypto users. Even though many countries have already copied Denmark and Finland in this section, there are still plenty of countries where consumers can’t claim bonuses while depositing with cryptocurrencies. That is a thing that other countries could learn from the Nordic crypto-casino industry. A big plus with crypto bonuses is that consumers can claim bigger bonuses with cryptos than with traditional payment methods.

Increased safety and security

Safety and security have always been in a massive role in the Nordic countries’ economies. At first, crypto casinos weren’t safe enough for Nordic consumers. Nowadays, the situation has changed. Nordic people think that crypto casinos are even safer options than traditional casinos. The only downside they have found from crypto casinos is that if something goes wrong when

depositing or withdrawing money, there is no way to get the money back. Otherwise, everything seems to be safer than what the features are with traditional casinos. Nordic countries didn’t accept crypto casinos before they were safe enough for their consumers. That is where the Nordics are clear frontrunners in the iGaming industry, and everyone should copy from them.

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