What NFT Art Sells the Best: Meet the Most Influential Authors of NFTs 


As digital assets of exceptional value, NFTs are unique collectibles that power many projects, from real-world events and concerts to video games. On the one hand, they are blockchain-based artworks with a reliable encryption code that makes verification of authenticity and ownership easy. On the other hand, there is no limit to what an NFT can be, so the sphere develops in many directions.

Today we are discovering what kind of NFT art has the best potential to sell at high prices, looking at the best NFT artists, and will reveal it using real top NFT artists examples.

What NFTs by Top NFT Artists Are Best Selling Right Now?

These days there are no restrictions for NFT creators they promote NFTs and Earn from it, and it doesn’t matter what age they are, what their education or background is, etc. As a result, some start alone and continue collaborating with popular artists further into their careers.


Murat Pak is one of the famous NFT artists we don’t know in person but whose virtual works we can fully admire. The creator of ‘The Merge,’ sold for the highest cost ever – §91 million in just 24 hours – and ‘Clock,’ previously sold for $20 million, is an anonymous author who says that NFTs are a new way to own things.

His new upcoming ‘Censored’ collection, made in collaboration with Assange, consists of 28.9 K items and is centered on his friend’s legal battles and freedom of speech for journalists in particular.


This digital artist is coming close to selling 10,000 NFTs already and normally portrays a pessimistic future, death, and other related topics. His well-known virtual image ‘All Time High in the City’ depicts Charon, who accompanies the souls across the Styx river in Greek mythology. The most expensive NFT out of his all works was OVERLORD#13/20: it was gone for $33.4 thousand.

The author’s identity is still unknown. However, NFT drops by XCOPY are easy to find on marketplace platforms such as Nifty Gateway and OpenSea. Some of his latest works include animated GIFs made in the cartoon style.


While working under the stage name Beeple, Mike Winkelmann doesn’t show signs of losing his position among top NFT artists. Everyone knows his ‘Everydays: the First 5000 days’ sold for $69 million. Because not all artist’s plans are revealed on a marketplace platform, follow him on Instagram to know all the news and spot his fresh creations before others do.

Of course, there is a place for other top NFT artists on this list who do wonderful work. To see what they are up to right now, check out top NFT artists on sites like TopNFTCollections.com. What unites all non-fungible items by famous NFT artists is being dedicated to a relevant social or cultural phenomenon, an excellent technique of creation, and innovative ways to represent the good old things.

Exploring the sphere is obstacle-free for all, so there must be a chance for you to grow into one of the best NFT artists, too, or invest in images, music, or game NFTs!Y7

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