Metakovan Vignesh Sundaresan Net Worth

Metakovan Vignesh Sundaresan Net Worth

Everyone in this world is interested in knowing what rich people do different than others that makes them stand out in terms of wealth. Researches have revealed that most rich people spend their time in reading, exploring and researching. We’ll discuss more about these activities but before that let’s understand who are actually rich in terms of money.

Well, there are two types of people whom we can call rich. One, who have significant wealth and are constantly working towards increasing it. The second ones are whom we can refer to as Richie Rich. These are the people who acquire wealth overnight and can’t handle it. They always exaggerate about what they have and in the end they are the broke ones. People who are actually rich spend a lot of time in reading and researching and they use their intelligence to invest in the places from where they can extract out most benefit. This is what we refer to as a winning mindset in the business world.

You might be wondering why are we even talking about these things, about the rich people and the Richie Richs. Its because this article is about one of the famous personalities in the world of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. He’s the guy who has bought the most expensive NFT. We’ll reveal the price later in this article but his alias ‘Metakovan’ on internet has made a significant impact. This article is all about the famous name in the crypto world, Vignesh Sundaresan. A lot many people have questions about Metakovan that how did metakovan make money? Or Metakovan net worth/ Metakovan Vignesh Sundaresan net worth? Is Metakovan a billionaire?

Metakovan net worth | Metakovan Vignesh Sundaresan net worth

Throughout this article we have mentioned numerous times that Metakovan came into the headlines of the crypto world after buying a NFT from the Beeple’s collection. But did you notice that we didn’t reveal the price at which he bought it?

He bought this NFT at 69 Million US Dollars or that’s roughly 504 Crores in INR. This motivated aspiring artists a lot and one of the Metakovan’s main motive behind buying this NFT was to send a message to artists that Art is priceless.

So if you are still wondering that what is Metakovan Vignesh Sundaresan net worth or is Metakovan a billionaire then here’s the answer. There’s not any authentic proof about the net worth of Metakovan but with the price that he invested in buying the artwork by Beeple you might be having a rough idea by now of his net worth. And yes, Metakovan is a billionaire.

Metakovan Vignesh Sundaresan

We’ll try to find answers to all these questions in this article but before that let’s have a look at overall lifestyle of Metakovan Vignesh Sundaresan.

A coder, an angel investor, an entrepreneur and also a big name in the NFT Market who is popular for his investment in Beeple’s. Vignesh Sundaresan was born in Tamil Nadu, India. He has done his schooling in the DAV School of Chennai and has earned a formal degree in mechanical engineering from BITS Dubai.

People usually have a lot of curiosity about Metakovan like Is Metakovan a billionaire or Metakovan Vignesh Sundaresan net worth? How did Metakovan make money?

Well, Metakovan was not an entrepreneur from the beginning, rather he began his career as a technical consultant for the newspaper, “The Hindu”. His popularity soared when he bought an art piece from the Beeple’s collection named 5000 days. The name 5000 days in itself is special because this is not some collage but a collection of Beeple’s 5000 days of consecutive days of artwork which he combined into one. Metakovan had eyes on this art piece from a long time and when this came for the auction at an online platform Metakovan placed the highest bet.

He plans to display this at a central structure in the virtual world he is building which he calls Metaverse.

Currently Metakovan is working as the CEO of Portkey Technologies based in Singapore.


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