What is High Purity Natural Products scam? All you should know about it

high purity natural products scam

The new marketing strategy of companies involves selling products by advertising them as ‘natural’. Be it cosmetics or foods, everywhere the branding is done using the word ‘natural’. But have you ever heard of something like high purity natural products scam? Well, this is something you should know about and know about it briefly if you are someone who shops products labeled as ‘natural’frequently from online websites or from shops.

Not only this, but the questions were raised on a company with name High Purity Natural Products. Some customers of this company showed distrust in the claims made by the company regarding the purity of the product. In this article, we will see why ‘natural’ products came into the market and also we will look at how those allegations affected the company’s reputation and how is the current manufacturing unit of the company performing.

What are high purity natural products?

When the chemical industry came in the market, it flourished exponentially. It gave people quick and better results, it was easy to use and many more things. For example, if you bought a fairness cream you got instant fairness just after applying it. It made your skin look white. This also gave an alternative to the food industry to store foods for longer durations which was not possible earlier.

Then with time, people realized that these kinds of products were not helpful in the long run. These gave instant results to the people who used them but they proved to be harmful in their prolonged use. Now it was time for the industry to shift to some old school methods. As the natural resources are depleting every day, it was not possible for manufacturers to bring out completely natural products.

So, manufacturers did some modifications in the existing chemical products to make them less harmful and advertised them under the banner of high purity natural products.

Then around 2017, a cosmetics company based in New England was founded by Mike Matton with the same name that is ‘high purity natural products’. The main aim of this company is to manufacture natural products, mainly cosmetics, for leading brands. Nootropics, gummies, nutraceuticals and health and beauty items are some other things they manufacture.

But now another question that arises is; what were the allegations that were put up on the company HPNP? Let’s have a look at this in the next section.

The High Purity Natural Products scam

When the company High Purity Natural Products got established and started functioning quite well, some allegations were raised on this. People complained that the products this company is selling are harmful for skin and this should not be allowed to manufacture anymore products. This put the company’s reputation in danger and the company had to do a lot to win back the trust of its customers.

Is the scam by High Purity Natural Products real?

When the allegations were raised on the company, many of its customers wanted to know the reality behind this. After a long research, it came out that the allegations that were put up on the company were not at all real.

The company manufactures products for many top and known brands around the world and uses cutting-edge technology for manufacturing. You can also order personalized products from their website and the highly trained staff assists you in this. The shipping rates are also feasible for customers.

In case, customers face any issue related to the product then they can directly register their complaint through the portal of the company. The company has a well-designed and fully functional website which helps users in a lot many ways, from ordering products, to tracking it and then lodging complaints against that if there are any.

The High Purity Natural Products also becomes trustable as many big brands, celebrities, athletes and entrepreneurs have got high quality natural products from this company only. They have a world-wide operating marketing chain which is especially liked in Australia and United States. Their website also offers clear description of the products they are selling and an option for its customers to customize the products according to their requirements.


So, if we conclude all the things then High Purity Natural Products scam is not real. This company works with professionalism and offers its customers high quality products and a great customer service.  

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