10 Interesting Things About Crypto Gambling

Interesting Things About Crypto Gambling

Cryptos are no longer the new kids on the block as far as gambling is concerned. Being something like ‘natural’ partners of gaming, cryptocurrencies have emerged as one of the dominant methods of transactions in the market and as one of the fastest – if not THE fastest – growing segments of the entire gambling industry. 

In 2023 nearly 25% of all gambling payments made online involved crypto payments, while almost half of all the bitcoin transactions implemented that year were gambling-related. Meanwhile, the number of casinos and online bookmakers accepting crypto payments rose sharply, everywhere across the globe including the tech-savvy and crypto-friendly South-Asian countries. Notably, the majority of online gambling platforms have followed the lead in cryptocurrency acceptance made by the best betting site in Bangladesh and have effectively entered this new era in the world of gaming. 

Crypto gambling is here to stay, and some analysts believe that it will become the biggest form of gambling in the very near future. The market is projected to expand and grow at very high rates, while it is estimated to exceed $150 billion by 2030. 

Having such a strong dynamic and being such a strong driving force for the whole gambling industry, makes everyone want to learn a bit more about cryptos and get a little more acquainted with this ‘tidal wave’ coming on to the gambling world.

10 Interesting things about Crypto Gambling

1. Gambling with cryptos offers unique advantages to users, which can’t be replicated by gambling with any other transaction methods, including cash, bkash (in Bangladeshi betting site bkash)  or any other method for that manner. These advantages include seamless transactions, incredible speed, anonymity and privacy, global access, payment security, lower fees and rewards. 

2. Crypto gamblers are mostly Millenials, even though the biggest age group of crypto users is Gen Z. In 2023 more than half of the revenues generated from crypto gambling concerned the activity of Millennials -that is, people roughly in the age group 30-45. Interestingly, however, Millennials are not the dominant age group in crypto adoption and usage – it is the next generation, which uses cryptos for other purposes mostly. 

3. More than 75% of crypto gambling activity is performed via mobile phones. Generally, mobile betting is becoming the next big thing in the industry and this can’t but be also the case for crypto gambling. 

4. Bitcoin ( has the lion’s share in crypto gambling transactions. In 2023 more the 3/4 of all gambling payments were implemented in Bitcoin. The second most popular crypto for gambling is Ethereum (ETH)

5. Almost 42% of crypto gambling involves betting on sports. This means that sports betting is the most popular and widespread gambling form for those who prefer to use cryptos in their pastime. 

6. Stablecoins are getting hyped in the world of gambling. Assets such as USDT, which are pegged to fiat currencies are becoming also very popular among bettors, especially as they can protect users from the high volatility of cryptos. 

7. Although it is extremely difficult to have a precise number of crypto casinos and betting sites operating today, it is estimated that there are more than 1.000 crypto-gambling active platforms

8. Crypto gambling has opened the way to NFTs entering the gaming industry. Non-Fungible Tokens are now used for betting as well and they are anticipated to grow sharply in the next few years. 

9. The United States ranks fourth in the Global Crypto Adoption Index, though it is the biggest market when it comes to crypto gambling. India which ranks first in Crypto Adoption, is now experiencing a surge in gambling with cryptocurrencies. 

10. Gender is not particularly relevant in crypto gambling. Although gender is statistically significant in crypto adoption, crypto gambling does not see any important difference between males and females. In short, crypto gambling involves both men and women equally. 

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Well, these are 10 interesting things about crypto gambling that will make you get to know a bit more about this entirely new ecosystem that is growing in front of our eyes. Most probably, with the rate of change and the intense dynamics of cryptos, these facts will no longer be facts soon, but for the time being it is useful to gain a more rounded perspective of crypto gambling and its basic features!

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