Top 5 Cryptocurrency Apps for Beginners

Cryptocurrency Apps for Beginners

The demand for cryptocurrency is growing daily. According to it, more and more crypto companies appear to be developing their apps to buy and sell crypto. The choice for the user becomes greater but also harder. How to choose the best crypto trading app in such conditions? This article will tell you about the top 5 cryptocurrency applications that fit even a novice trader.

List of Cryptocurrency Apps for Beginners

WhiteBIT: one app to rule them all

The main charm of the WhiteBIT crypto exchange is pedantic security. Whether you use WhiteBIT on your computer or phone, the platform is still the world’s top 2 most secure AAA-rated crypto exchange, meeting all KYC and AML requirements, according to Hacken’s audit.

Indeed, WhiteBIT has prepared a set of necessary tools in a safe app with a clear interface. In addition to crypto trading, it offers the user to follow the live crypto prices, quick access to margin trading, Crypto Lending, and all the features available on the web version. So, you can profit anywhere — in transport, public places, and scrolling through new offers from the exchange in the bed.

How is the exchange helpful for a beginner? Besides an intuitive design, WhiteBIT teaches everything a novice and pro trader needs to know — the basics and novelties in cryptocurrency. Also, the ecosystem provides many opportunities to get your first crypto by participating in activities, Airdrops, and more.

eToro: easy & user-friendly

eToro is about social trading. This brokerage company is not narrowly specialized in crypto but follows trends. Over and above classic trading, it offers the user more than 3000 different financial assets from various directions, such as stocks, crypto, and more. Diversity and choice are a perk of eToro but, at the same time, a reason to be more careful in crypto trading on the platform.

The eToro app is available on all mobile platforms and is really easy to use. It offers the standard crypto exchange features, including the ability to compare cryptocurrency prices, evaluate price charts, and explore the crypto market.

Here, you can deposit crypto in fiat, by bank, debit or credit card, and Paypal.

Gemini: do it in style

As they put it, Gemini is a simple, elegant, and secure way to buy crypto. From the first clicks on the platform’s interface, you will admire the minimalist modern design, and only then will you notice that this is also a pretty convenient crypto exchange.

For US-based users, Gemini offers its credit card, a Gemini Mastercard, which allows them to earn rewards in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptos available on the platform.

The Gemini crypto platform app is rated 4,5 stars on Google Play with over 45 000 reviews and 4,8 stars out of 5 with 92 000 reviews. These are fantastic user results that say a lot about the service.

Binance: knowing your needs

Today, few people don’t know what Binance is, not even fully understanding what crypto is. This digital asset exchange often appears in the news and remains in the public eye, so that it couldn’t be missing from this list. The Binance app, available both on Android and iOS, has already crossed the 50 million download mark on Google Play.

Why is Binance so good? In the blockchain world, this crypto platform is probably considered old school, having been around for over five years. They have gained customers’ trust with their omnipresence, involvement in crypto events, ongoing activities, and user education.

The Binance app provides a wide range of features and offers all crypto innovations since their release. It maintains excellent customer service and is very newbie friendly.

Coinbase: great choice & comfort

Coinbase is considered one of the most newbie-focused dedicated crypto exchanges. A fresh, eye-catching, and comprehensible interface immediately pushes you to learn crypto. They offer security and insurance for your assets, so you won’t have to worry about theft.

Coinbase has almost 10 000 digital assets in its arsenal for every taste and color. They also provide educational materials and advice, as well as teach you the basics of crypto trading.

All these features, including crypto trading and trendy crypto novelties, are in the Coinbase app. However, in the end, all these efforts are not that free. For example, buying crypto via the mobile app with a debit or credit card is worth 3,99%. Other financial transactions on the exchange are also pretty expensive.

Pitch upon the greatest

As you can see, even for beginners, the choice of a cryptocurrency application is quite broad and varied. But not every platform meets your needs, so explore the possibilities offered by the crypto exchange and its app attentively. This list of crypto tools should start your personal research, but you still need to rely on your preference

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