Cricket NFT Game Drop: A Glance at the Curious Case of the Combination of Cricket and NFTs

Cricket NFT Game Drop

Non-fungible tokens (or NFTs), which are said to provide uniqueness to any product irrespective of its nature (digital/physical), have taken over almost the whole world by surprise in the last year. Even though NFTs have existed for a longer time before all the baffling vibrations, it is not even surprising that they needed such a blast was required to reach the masses. Even then, the reach of NFTs, at least as a technology, has not been to the lesser developed and developing regions of the world, which is evident through the proportion of people who at least have an idea about NFTs.

Such unawareness of NFTs has been changing little by little, thanks to games based on blockchain technology that uses these digital tokens. NFTs in games can be used as in-game currencies, in-game assets, and even plots of land in the game world. Such games have made people know a bit more about NFTs, particularly those who live in South East Asia and South America. Now, it might be the timer ticking for the Asian subcontinent and the Caribbean as well due to a new announcement online that has become trending across the globe. In this blog, we will see more about what the statement was and the level of impact it could have on the metaverse domain.

What is that Timer We have been Talking about?

We are talking about the countdown for the “Super Loot,” cricket NFT game drop scheduled to take place on April 22, 2022. The Super Loot NFT collection drop is set to occur on, an NFT marketplace platform developed by the Singapore-based NFT applications development firm GuardianLink. The marketplace platform, in fact, is the developer’s first step towards Meta Cricket League, the world’s first NFT cricket game which is under development. The developers have already said that the game is set to build the first metaverse for cricket, a land untouched by any of the blockchain gaming explorers so far.

A Sneak-peek Behind the Super Loot Cricket NFT Game Drop

According to some social media banter, it can be heard that the Super Loot NFT collection might include a range of NFT collectibles such as virtual player cards, various kinds of equipment, stadiums, and even physical NFT collectibles. The latter seemingly came as a pleasant surprise to cricket fans. Getting some physical memorabilia has always been on everyone’s checklist, and their wishes might be fulfilled after the Super Loot drop event.

Why has this Drop Event been Keenly Looked Over by Major Gaming Firms?

The first video games based on cricket came out during the mid-1990s, which have not been received well by cricket fans due to their poor graphics and the price tags they came with. The same has been the case with other cricket video games as well, with the famous Electronic Arts (EA) suffering the most. Even though their cricket games were better in quality and gameplay, the pricetag they came with meant that pirated versions were widespread. Such outcomes led to the decline of EA’s interest in developing newer cricket games, even though their last cricket video game, Cricket 07 (actually, pirated versions of the game), was very popular.

Such a notorious reputation for cricket video games as a business option meant that lesser firms now develop cricket games, the popular being Big Ant Studios. Meanwhile, smartphones have made gaming more accessible, which meant cricket game series like World Cricket Championship and Real Cricket are making rapid strides as the new favorites for cricket fans who missed the eye-pleasing Cricket 07. Yet, one massive disadvantage offered by these games is that, while they are free to download and play, you need to invest to advance to further levels quickly or battle it out with unfair bots to level up slowly. Also, one has to note that the investments are one-way traffic, meaning that the equipment you buy in-game cannot be traded anywhere in and out of the game. This means that gaming is frowned upon the society as addiction and resource-wasting hobby.

Now, with the arrival of blockchain technology and with gamers welcoming games backed by blockchains, it can be certainly said that the play-to-earn (P2E) option offered by these games has been a massive success. Games such as Axie Infinity have become household names in nations such as Indonesia, Brazil, and the Philippines, where a lot of people have become full-time gamers to earn enough to lead a decent livelihood.

With all those perspectives in mind, gaming biggies have been looking out for the outcome of the upcoming Super Loot with crossed fingers. Already, a few gaming giants have been awestruck by how much hype a single press release has generated. Others are planning to step into the NFT gaming world based on the success rate of the drop event on the marketplace platform.

How the Genre of P2E Stands as a Pillar to the Drop Event?

When speaking honestly, the genre of play-to-earn (P2E) has already been a superhit through a few blockchain-based games. So, the prospect of earning while playing in real-time convinces enough people to take up gaming as a hobby again; now, to monetize their time. Also, as the collectibles present in the NFT drop could be sport-related as per rumors, it is certain that more cricket fans could get attracted to the drop event. The amount of attraction is already visible throughout various social media platforms. Hence, the Super Loot drop event on the NFT marketplace portal is set to break the barriers between cricket and the metaverse. Signup now and join the NFT drop event on April 21st to secure yourself with the NFTs.

Some Closing Thoughts

Therefore, when purely viewed through the amount of support visible on social media for the Super Loot drop, the event is set to blaze all guns out. Also, since the possibility of earning money in real-time through gaming is a viable and risk-free option (unlike gambling), it is projected that many new blockchain gamers could get on the bandwagon. So, if you are a cricket fan who is looking for a new game, this drop event is a useful one to look out for and get into the drop’s waitlist.

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