With the new offer of Aron Groups, everyone can be a copy of Trader

Aron Groups, everyone can be a copy of Trader

If you’re unfamiliar with Aron Groups Broker, you’re not a professional Forex Trader, and there is no problem. There is always a first time for anything and to be a client of Aron Groups, you would be a client of one of the best brokers of the MENA.

The broker is an award-winning one that does not deal with Traders in a hazardous way. The broker is dedicated to providing the best financial investment instrument to clients of any size. And now, if you haven’t already been a client of this client, there is a fabulous offer for a copy trading platform. If you do not know the good news, stay tuned and keep reading this all together to discover the new possibilities just waiting for you.

Copy trading with Aron Groups

The broker is known to provide the best Solutions and Financial Markets to its clients,  and as a Trader, you have access to the copy trading platform using Meta Trader 5 software.

If you are not familiar with copy trading, reading this article is not enough to learn everything about carpet trading, but to help you get the gist; we will explain it a bit here.

Forex Market is filled with opportunities, but not everyone knows its terms and Power to be a consistently profitable Trader, you need to educate and learn everything about Market Movers, economic factors and news, and many other things, which makes it even harder to be a profitable Trader, especially for beginners.

One might wonder what a beginner who does not know anything about Forex could do to benefit from the huge possibilities provided in this market. Or are even most professionals who don’t have enough time to monitor the market, read charts, and study analysis doomed to forget about Forex?

Here is when copy trading comes in as a perfect solution. Using a copy-trading platform, you could copy the strategies of a master trade without monitoring the market or reading news, which makes trading much more interesting and enjoyable.

Using copy training, you, as a beginner, can share the profit of a professional Trader. As a professional, you would have the chance to interpositions without analyzing the market by trusting a Master Trader.

In this case, you only need to find a Master Trader by evaluating his performance. So instead of monitoring the market all the time you should study the performance of Master Trader to choose the perfect one that matches your priorities and with tolerance and your trading personality. Next, walk in his shoes, copy his strategies, and share his profits.

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What is the big news?

Now, you might be asking about the fabulous news we have discussed from the beginning. At Aron Groups, we have decided to raise the stop-out level and Margin Call for master accounts to help investors. However, if you do not know how you should continue reading.

To stop out level for a master account has risen from 50% to 80%, and the Margin Call increased from 100% to 150%, to help investors make more fruitful positions.

When we increase the Margin Call, the master will receive emerging calls before the investor, which helps the investor to lower any Capital losses. As you know, Masters always have more Capital at their disposal than investors, so even the smallest software would lead to a huge loss for an investor. That is why we have considered increasing the margin level to help investors reduce the possible risk. The broker will automatically close your positions to reduce your risk, and then the Margin Call is raised you have more time to manage your positions.

However, that is not all. We have also considered a stop-out raise that helps you study your master’s performance more precisely. You can look for the master drawdown records to determine whether he is taking too many risks.

It is completely up to you because you might even love to follow a master willing to take more risks, so consider your risk tolerance and trade setup to evaluate your master.

There is a bonus as well

So far, we have discussed an increase in a stop-out level and Margin Call, but the perfect news is still waiting for you. If you are not a new client, skip this part. It does not concern you. However, if you have not been a client of Aron Groups or have not deposited it into your account yet, you are here for a treat.

We have considered a 25% welcome bonus for every client who makes his own deposit into the broker; this is a gift to help you start bigger, create much bigger positions, and profit more from the market.

We know that providing enough market for an investor to copy a Master Trader can be a bit difficult, so we have considered a generous gift to help you start bigger.

In the nutshell

If you have not made your first deposit at Aron Groups, now would be a perfect time to register with the broker, deposit for the first time, and benefit from a 25% welcome bonus. In the following, you could start Forex using a copy trading account, which provides you with a higher stop-out level and Margin Call. Before choosing a master, study his performance, look for his drawdowns, and ensure his strategies align with your risk tolerance and personality as a Trader. Copy trading would be a perfect tool to provide t from Forex, but o, only if your master is as good as you know yourself as a Trader.

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